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We make software that helps United Way's manage their campaigns easily and professionally.

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We Put People First

Our design philosophy puts people first, so our software is powerful and easy to use.

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World Class Support Services

Our support team is here to lend you a hand. We want you to get the most out of our software.

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Advanced Technology. Better Results.

Our software is continually refined and updated. Your United Way doesn't stand still; why should your software?

United Way Campaign Management

Being the campaign management software of choice for United Ways for over a decade, CampaignMax is dedicated to making your campaigns run as smoothly and efficiently as possible. With its new reporting engine, CampaignMax allows users to create custom reports easily, turning the piles of data into usable knowledge.

Your United Way can organize donors, pledges, designations and payments in one central location so no resources are wasted. Easily installed on your servers or you can run it on our servers for a low monthly fee. Either way, your campaign data will be easy to track and your United Way will see the results.

Advanced Lists

Donar Tracking Software Advanced Lists

CampaignMax utilizes advanced grid technology to make working with your campaign data quick and effortless.

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Advanced Lists

Using our grids, you can quickly filter a list without leaving the main screen. We also support advanced, multi-level filters.

Sorting a list is as easy as clicking on the heading. You can also sort on multiple columns.

CampaignMax lets you choose which columns you want to see and what order they appear in. Just drag and drop until the list shows just what you need to see.

To group your list, simply drag a column header to the grouping box at the top of the list. This is great for grouping pledges by employer or payments by payer.

And finally, CampaignMax allows you to export your list to a PDF or spreadsheet. Ad hoc reporting is only a click away.

Easy to Navigate

Pledge Software Easy Navigation

Our detail screens are hubs where you can quickly link to information related to the page.

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Easy to Navigate

CampaignMax doesn't make you search through the database manually. Instead, we organize our detail screens with convenient links to related information.

Using this hub and wheel approach, your United Way can move through CampaignMax to complete tasks quickly and easily.

Comprehensive Reporting

Campaign Database Software Comprehensive Reporting

Our advanced and flexible reporting system lets you get just the data you need.

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Comprehensive Reporting

Every CampaignMax report provides the filtering, sorting, and grouping options you need to quickly and easily generate the reports your United Way needs.

In addition to advanced reporting, CampaignMax offers a simple point and click export utility. Just select the data you want and then export it directly into Microsoft Excel.